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“It is my hope that you not only find inspirational content on this website that encourages and challenges your walk with Jesus, but that it also brings an occasional smile to your face as you get to know me a little better with each visit.

Heart 4 Jesus is the official website for Pastor David Rutherford.  David is the Lead Pastor at CrossCity Christian Church in Fresno, California – where he lives with his wife Suanne Siemens and two sons Drew and Zach.  Pastor David’s desire is to help others learn to love God, love others, and serve the world.  LEARN MORE…

Pastor David’s First Book is Now Available!

The G.I. Joe of Genesis: What God-Inspired Joseph Teaches Us About Dreams, Forgiveness, and Finishing Strong. Though your definition may change through the years, you never outgrow the desire to find a genuine hero—and to become one yourself. The Bible presents many real, flawed, but heroic men and women whose lives continue to inspire and instruct us today. None stands above the incredible life of Joseph, whose unparalleled journey from favored son to slave to prime minister continues to offer valuable lessons for your own journey with God.

  • How to stay faithful to God when your dreams are hopelessly wrecked
  • A plan to resist the strongest temptations and maintain your integrity
  • The rewards of choosing humility and service over arrogance and privilege
  • The pitfalls of success and how to weather the good times for God as well as the bad
  • What Joseph’s life can teach us about revenge, forgiveness, and restoration

Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking questions and a suggested action step to help you apply the principles from Joseph’s life to your own.

Read The G.I. Joe of Genesis: What God-Inspired Joseph Teaches Us About Dreams, Forgiveness, and Finishing Strongfor a powerful, personal look into what it means to be a hero—making the hard choices day after day to live a life of purpose, purity, sacrifice, and selflessness. As you learn from Joseph’s example, you can bring these principles of heroism into your daily life and future legacy.

I am so excited to be returning to Israel in 2022! For me, traveling to Israel is the spiritual experience of a lifetime. After a trip like this, you will never read the Bible the same. Imagine reading Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount on the Mount of Beatitudes and exploring the Old City of Jerusalem where so much of Scripture actually happened. Walking where Jesus walked and learning where Jesus taught will deepen your love for God and His Word.

Ultimately, seeing where Jesus suffered and died for our sins will make your faith more personal than ever imagined. I’m convinced that your worldview and personal Christian conviction will be enhanced through your daily Bible studies, times of worship, and Christian fellowship. With so much to see and experience, I’m confident this trip will be a source of spiritual growth and personal inspiration.

As an added bonus, I’m thrilled that CrossCity’s very own Trevor Morgan and Brent Deffenbacher will be joining me on this trip. As an accomplished singer/songwriter, Trevor will be leading our team in times of worship. Then Brent, as someone who has traveled to Israel on multiple occasions, will add his Biblical knowledge and perspective through partnering with me in leading our Bible Studies. February 2022 will be here before you know it…so sign up now! Sincerely, Pastor DavidIt is like stepping into scripture and watching the Bible come alive.

We now have over 100 people signed up for our upcoming trip to Israel in February of 2022. We have a very limited number of spots remaining, so make sure you secure your spot with a refundable $500 deposit by clicking the button below.

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